When parents and teens don’t see eye to eye, small issues become big problems. Family and individual counseling offered by Family Resources offers a clear path to resolution. Family  crisis intervention addresses the issues that have precipitated the crisis including truancy, runaway and ungovernable behaviors and assesses the likelihood of future problems.

Family and Individual Counseling offered by Family Resources offers a safe refuge. Trained, dedicated and most importantly, available when needed staff will help you overcome your difficulties. As soon as possible, a counselor is assigned and ready  to identify solutions and begin the healing process.


Family Counseling is available and individual counseling is offered for children and teens ages 6 – 17. We provide a safe and secure place to work on strained family relationships. Family Counselors are state licensed or license-eligible to ensure that the highest quality of service is received. Counseling services are confidential and are provided in a welcoming office environment.

Fees for Service

Fees for counseling and parent facilitator services are based on a sliding scale considering family size and income. Additionally, Family Resources offers services at no charge. Please call for an appointment to review your individual needs. Counselors will be available to meet your schedule.

Service Locations

Services are available in three locations (St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Bradenton).

Procedure to Contact/Refer

Family Counseling services may be accessed Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. by calling:

  • Clearwater -1615 Union Street (727) 298-3900
  • St. Petersburg -3821 5th Avenue, N. (727) 552-1010
  • Bradenton-361 6th Avenue W. (941) 741-3575

Safe shelter and other residential options are available by referral of our counselors. Learn more about the Residential Programs and our shelters by clicking HERE.

Truancy Program

Family Resources, Inc. provides three different levels of truancy intervention programs.

Truancy Prevention:

  • Target Population: Youth starting to experience difficulty in school with behavior problems, skipping classes or not listening/abiding by parents’ rules.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Youth aged 5 to 17 years of age not involved in foster care or probation.
  • Services: Case management and counseling services provided to the youth and family at no charge.

Truancy Magistrate Program

Target Population: Youth at risk of entering the Juvenile Justice system by nature of chronic truancy.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Youth that have 15 or more unexcused absences within a period of 90 calendar days during the school year and attend the following Middle Schools: Pinellas Park, Largo, John Hopkins, Bay Point, Azalea, and Tyrone.
  • Services: Truancy Magistrate Program participation is triggered when the Pinellas County Superintendent of Schools files truancy petitions with the circuit court. The youth will automatically be scheduled for an initial Truancy Magistrate hearing at the participating school. The youth and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian must consent to participate in the program to be eligible. Those who fail to appear at the school-based hearing will be deemed to have objected and will have an arraignment set on a regular judicial calendar.

The Truancy Magistrate Program focuses on the needs of the family in a more comprehensive and individualized approach, providing service coordination on behalf of families which includes assessment, planning, linkage, monitoring and advocacy services, and case review. Services are provided at no charge.


  • Target Population: Youth at risk of entering the
  • Juvenile Justice system by nature of chronic truancy.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Youth aged 5 up to 16 years of age in grades 5 through 10 who have 15 or more unexcused absences from school for the current school year.
  • Services: Parents and youth are notified by the State Attorney’s Office to appear before a Judge, who makes recommendations to the family regarding services to aid in the reduction of the youth’s truancy. Families are assisted in accessing services and in developing strategies to increase school attendance. Case management, individual and family counseling are offered to all participants. School attendance is monitored and progress reports sent to the court. Services are provided at no charge.


                    We provided 2,065 sessions of counseling last year.                                          Your donations made it possible.