Please consider giving $10 a month or more to Family Resources in support of its Homeless Youth Programs, which provide safe homes to kids like Will.

Give a Kid a Home

Every night in the Tampa Bay Area, hundreds of homeless youth have nowhere to sleep. They are left exposed to the elements or put themselves in dangerous situations in hopes of having a bed and shower in the short run.

At Family Resources, we are always working to expand our services so we can help those who need it most. For only $10 per month, you can keep our youth homeless shelters in operation and make an impact in the life of a homeless child.  

If you appreciate the work that Family Resources does and want to help us continue our mission to support homeless youth, please consider participating in our Give a Kid a Home campaign.

About the Give a Kid a Home Campaign

The Give a Kid a Home campaign was developed by Family Resources to show the direct impact that your donation has on your community. By supporting this campaign, you can keep a child off of the streets and in our SafePlace2B shelters.

Family Resources has been providing care for homeless youth for almost 50 years. We have a four-star rating by Charity Navigator as a registered a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. You may set up a recurring donation to support homeless youth through the Give a Kid a Home campaign and stop or adjust your donation at any time by contacting Family Resources.

Who Does Your Donation Help?

Your donation to the Give a Kid a Home campaign supports the programs of Family Resources and helps us keep our youth homeless shelters running. We work to house and provide care and counseling for teens 10 to 17 who have nowhere else to go. Our shelters are located in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Bradenton to support homeless youth across the Bay Area.   

In particular, the Give a Kid a Home campaign helps LGBTQ youth who are rejected by their families or do not have a healthy living situation. According to the True Colors Fund, LGBTQ youth make up 40% of the total homeless youth population and up to 7% of the general youth population.

LGBTQ youth are also 120% more likely to experience homelessness than other teens.

Family Resources has developed SafePlace2B programs to help youth from all backgrounds with a focus on LGBTQ needs. We help the communities that need us most, and right now the LGBTQ youth in Pinellas and Manatee counties need our support.

Our Progress So Far

Thanks to our generous donors, Family Resources has made a significant impact in Pinellas and Manatee counties. We have several programs for kids, teens, and families who use our services, and we keep them running through your support. A few of our accomplishments that you helped us reach in 2018 include:

  • Providing shelter to 526 homeless youth in our SafePlace2B shelters.
  • Helping 5 LGBTQ youth find permanent solutions through our Transitional Living Program.
  • Supporting 110 kids in our after-school programs, giving them a safe place to go each day with fun activities and homework help.  
  • Working with 444 children and teens through 2,319 individual and family counseling sessions to guide them through times of crisis.
  • Teaching 1,038 teens and young adults how to develop healthy relationships with our community education programs.

Each year, we strive to help thousands of kids and teens in the Bay Area, whether they need a place to sleep or just need a safe after-school hangout. If we can have a positive impact on our youth when they need us the most, then we can give them the resources they need to have a brighter future.

Other Ways to Support Homeless Youth

If you are unable to participate in the Give a Kid a Home campaign but still want to support Family Resources, consider helping us in other ways. We are always looking for people in the community to create fundraisers, collect donations for our youth shelters, and to spend time in our after-school programs. Learn about all the ways you can help Family Resources on our Volunteer page.

Thank you for all of the work you do to make your community better and for your donation to Family Resources. You are taking steps to keep kids and teens off of the streets and create programs to reduce youth homelessness in the future.