SNAP (Stop, Now, And Plan) Program

SNAP is a 13 week, free group program that helps children ages 6-11 and their parents learn how to effectively manage their emotions and keep problems small. The primary goal of SNAP is to help children to stop and think before they act and empower them for improved family relationships, positive social interactions, and success in school.

Children attend gender-specific weekly group sessions to learn how to use SNAP in different situations through engaging activities. The parent group meets concurrently with the children’s groups to learn effective child management and SNAP strategies. This group also provides parents with an opportunity to make connections with other parents facing similar challenges.

Research shows the SNAP program leads to positive outcomes for children through fewer arguments, more friends, reduced stress, and improved self-confidence.

For more information call (727) 521-5200 in Pinellas County or (941) 741-3575 in Manatee County.

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For more information call our office
Pinellas County: (727)521-5200
Manatee County: (941) 741-3575
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“SNAP has helped my family grow from a family that didn’t listen to a family that listens to each other”

Trey (SNAP Dad)


“I really felt like this program worked really well with these problems I have. Now I know how to solve them!”

-Sierra (SNAP Youth)


“SNAP has helped my family become more cohesive-less arguing and more following directions.”

-Moira (SNAP Mom)