Street Outreach

This program is no longer funded through federal funds.  We are working hard within our community to bring back this valuable service.

Our Street Outreach team proactively engages and establishes rapport through relationship building with runaway, homeless and street youth and their families. The program’s ultimate goal is to prevent the sexual abuse or exploitation of young people living on the streets or in unstable housing. We provide support services, resources, and referrals; serving youth ages 16 thru 21.

We provide this support to youth who are at risk of becoming homeless, or are currently homeless in the St. Petersburg area, and may be at risk of physical and sexual exploitation, disease, untreated medical conditions and malnutrition. They may be living on the streets or in temporary, unstable living situations.

Youth contacted through the program will be provided survival aid in the form of food, water, clothing, and personal hygiene supplies. Laundry facilities are made available on a weekly basis to those in need. Counseling and information about safety, sexually transmitted diseases, and available resources will be provided as needed.

There is no fee for this service. Youth will be screened for admission to a Transitional Living Program if that is their desire.

Learn more by visiting the Transitional Living Programs tab under Services.

Street Outreach staff made 1389 contacts with homeless youth to provide food, shelter, laundry and clothing. Thank you for your help.