LGBTQ Homeless Youth Project

SafePlace2Btoo – LGBTQ

Family Resources’ SafePlace2Btoo- LGBTQ Program provides a safe haven for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) youth where they will be accepted as their authentic selves and where they are in their life development.

Our programs incorporate a philosophy of trauma informed care, positive youth development and harm reduction that help youth develop trusting relationships with staff and the self-awareness and confidence necessary to reach their goals.

Our residential program is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week with trained staff. We offer crisis intervention, group and individual counseling, comprehensive life skills training, recreation, case management,  and other services designed to help youth improve self-image, increase resiliency, model good communication skills, deter anti-social and risk-taking behavior, teach independent living skills and increase social connections.

We have 12 beds in the LGBTQ program. As with our maternal group home program, we focus on teaching life skills and preparing youth for independent living. As our young residents move into adulthood, we will assist them in navigating the challenges they face such as locating safe and stable living arrangements.

Youth must be willing to fully engage with the program, be 16 through 21 years old, identify as LGBTQ, not actively using illegal substances and must not have untreated mental health issues. Once accepted into the program, the youth and young adults must work towards improvement in four areas: Enhancing or maintaining permanent connections, working toward educational and employment goals, social and emotional well-being and securing permanent and stable housing.


Our goals at Family Resources include increasing the safety, well-being and permanent connections for LGBTQ youth. Additionally, our focus is on improving the life skills, educational and vocational knowledge base to assist youth in making a successful transition to self-sufficiency.

Community Based Services

Youth aged 18-21 who demonstrate a strong desire and ability to move toward self-sufficiency and independent living while in our TLP may be eligible for more permanent housing options with financial assistance for rent and utilities for a determined length of time.

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LGBTQ Homeless Youth Project

Research shows up to 40% of youth experiencing homelessness are LGBTQ+, however LGBTQ+ youth account for only 7% of the youth population.